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Retirement: Happy (Financial) Independence Day!

Cynthia:  Great job on those baby back ribs. Combining our son’s advice with the recipe you found delivered a great result. Glad we could enjoy some traditional 4th of July food. (Want the recipe? Click here...)

Edd:  Thanks. The whole meal was delicious. You know, since we were here at this time on our scouting trip in 2009, we’re actually celebrating our 11th Independence Day in Ecuador. Can’t say I remember all of them but THIS one won’t be forgotten.

C:  For sure. In all of our years on the planet we’ve never experienced what we’ve been living through during the first half of 2020. It’s been a total reinvention for so many. 

E:  Not just daily life, but how they’re celebrating milestones including this holiday. 

C:  Of course, we were disappointed our spring trip to visit family was cancelled. Grateful we’ve stayed healthy!

E:  Yep. I know many people’s lives have been turned upside down. But overall though our daily routine hasn’t been that much different these past few months.

C:  I remember talking about that in a blog we posted mid-April...seems like forever ago! It’s been interesting to watch all of these restrictions be enforced and now start to ease up. 

E:  The rules that apply to driving only on certain days have to be a major inconvenience, but since we don’t own a car it hasn’t been an issue for us. 

C:  After the initial panic buying at the grocery store that activity is close to normal. 

E:  During the severe lockdown period when restaurants were closed we cooked more or had prepared meals delivered. Now thankfully many of them are back open again. The constant is the requirement to wear a mask, which I understand but detest.

C:  What do you think is going to happen when international flights are more frequent? Will expats go home?

E:  I just saw two surveys on that very subject. One from Mexico said 5% plan to leave. In the other one from Spain, the number was 4%. People are stressed right now. Those percentages aren't very high, but I’m guessing not even that many will leave once things settle down more. 

C:  With the massive unemployment numbers in the States I bet a lot of people, especially Baby Boomers, are going to find themselves in the same place we were back in 2008. No jobs. Living on credit cards and savings.

E:  Exactly. I fully expect the 50+ group to be the most adversely affected by this mess. In fact, it’s already happening. So I won’t be surprised to see the population of retired expats increase dramatically over the next few years.

C:  We’ve certainly seen an increase in interest from our subscribers recently. The upheaval we’ve all been through this year shows that no matter how well you’ve planned, you can still get blindsided by the unexpected.

E:  And if you haven’t planned, recent events have been downright devastating. You know what’s crazy? In the midst of all the gloom and doom you and I are better off financially now than when coronavirus started. Our Social Security checks arrive every month, we got those stimulus checks, and our expenses have been way down.

C:  I’m really glad our investments are in high-yielding, guaranteed CDs here. We could have never foreseen how our stable, low-cost lifestyle abroad has insulated us from the financial volatility going on in the U.S. stock market. We’re certainly not wealthy, but in a way we have achieved a degree of financial independence.

E:  Haven’t ever thought about it that way but you’re right. Our life may be stable, but we sure haven’t been sitting around twiddling our thumbs these past few months. I hope subscribers have noticed the changes we’ve made to our website. We’ve updated the messaging, created a new exclusive report, and just added an FAQ page.

C:  Yeah, plus we’ve revised our 5-Step Blueprint webinar with an exciting new offer for those who stay until the end. We’ve definitely been busy.

E:  I can’t wait to announce our plans for the rest of the year.

C:  Well, I can’t wait to hear all about these plans.

E:  Ha! My creativity is in high gear these days, but patience has never been one of my strengths.

C:  That’s for sure. You’re really good at cooking ribs though! Happy 4th of July, sweetheart.

E:  Back atcha, my love.


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