Retirement Reimagined!

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Worried about how to pay for your retirement? Or if you're

going to outlive your nest egg?

  • What if ~ you could retire sooner rather than later? With the money you have?
  • What if ~ it was a great retirement paid for with Social Security benefits?
  • What if ~ your health care needs were totally covered?

You can have all this and so much MORE with Retirement Reimagined!

We've helped thousands of people find a lower cost of living in affordable locations around the globe so they can confidently retire with the money they have.

We want to help you too!

All those retirement concerns you're facing?

We know exactly what that feels like. Maybe even more so...

Our story ~

In 2008 our lives went from the penthouse to the poor house. The Great Recession wiped out our careers. Our beautiful home lost two-thirds of its value almost overnight, and our investments were in free fall.

After finding no work and living off of our shrinking savings for months, we had to think of something else. An outside-the-box solution.

Guess what. We did!!

We realized the only way to rescue our retirement was to move someplace with a lower cost of living. Where we could afford to live with the money we had.

Turns out it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We retired overseas in 2010 and have enjoyed a blessed life beyond our wildest dreams. Those financial nightmares are a thing of the past.

Edd & Cynthia are recognized experts on retiring abroad and expat life. They are regularly featured in worldwide media outlets.

Here's what we know for sure  ~

From a financial point of view, living abroad is your best chance to hit what we call the “retirement trifecta.” It’s a savvy strategy allowing you to:

   1) Lower your cost of living
   2) Raise your standard of living
   3) Preserve or even grow your savings

Experience has taught us there is nothing else you can possibly do that provides the financial freedom, happiness, and peace of mind that we enjoy every single day. Not even close.

Reality check...

The harsh reality is, if you’re 50 or more and don’t already have a sizable nest egg and solid retirement strategy in place, it’s pretty much too late for you to turn things around.

Speaking plainly, you just don’t have enough time. And every day you continue to do nothing, your problem gets a little bit worse.

Even if you’ve been able to accumulate a sizable nest egg, with inflation and all the uncertainty in the world there’s no guarantee that it will be enough to last the rest of your life.

Gotta ask...

  • Do you have a solid retirement plan in place?
  • Will you be able to to afford the health care you need?
  • Are you looking for answers, but coming up empty-handed?

Afraid you’ll never be able to retire?

Or even if you can, are you worried the money you do have is going to run out?

Do you feel like your dreams are just slipping away? There is another choice.

It’s time to step up and take charge of your life. Time to do something else now!

That something else... Retirement Reimagined!

Is relocating to another country radical? You bet. Scary? Absolutely. Uprooting your life? Leaving your family and friends to create a better future for yourself?

Look, we get it. We did it!

And we’re not going to sugarcoat the truth. It’s not easy. There’s so much to know about living abroad and a lot of moving parts.

That’s exactly why we created our Master Course,

Retirement Reimagined!

To take away all the guesswork and confusion.

To lead you step-by-step from clueless to confident.

To guide you in this process so you can have the happy, carefree retirement you deserve!

All for less than the cost of an inexpensive weekend getaway.

Yes! I’m Ready to Rescue My Retirement NOW!!







"As a single female I had a lot of concerns about moving overseas. I've now been an expat for over 10 years and love it! Thanks, Edd & Cynthia, for all your help."

~ Ashley Rogers, Ecuador At Your Service Real Estate

Retirement Reimagined! has 5 Sections, 18 comprehensive Modules, and over 30 fun and easy-to-follow, self-paced Lessons.

Plus your personal Retirement Reimagined! Guidebook.

Here is what’s included...


Section 1 ~ What in the World Do You Want?

  • We lead you through the process of creating your personal Wish List—everything that would make your new home abroad a dream come true.
  • Then we show you how to identify your Deal Breakers—unique factors and characteristics that automatically disqualify a location no matter what.
  • Getting these first steps right is critical in determining your success as an expat!

Section 2 ~ Where in the World Are You Going?

  • We know the characteristics to look for in thriving expat destinations and have already done the research for you.
  • Explore 10 fantastic countries around the globe. You’ll find in-depth analysis on quality of life, climate, health care, real estate, residency and visa information, and top places to live.
  • Discover everything you need all in one place to pinpoint the spot that’s perfect for you!

Section 3 ~ Your Perfect Scouting Trip!

  • Learn everything you need to do before you ever get on the plane (Spoiler alert… It’s a lot!).
  • Discover great tips about booking flights and accommodations that can save you hundreds of dollars on your travel.
  • Put “boots on the ground” and learn the best ways to explore this place that may become your new home abroad!

Section 4 ~ Now Let’s Get You Ready to Go!

  • Tie up all the loose ends before you depart on your overseas adventure—get your financial world online; gather documents for your residency visa; make arrangements to bring your pet along. 
  • Decide whether to ship your belongings or arrive with suitcases.
  • The list goes on and on. And we’ve got everything covered for you!

Section 5 ~ Beginning Your Expat Adventure!

  • Find the perfect place to live: buying vs. renting.
  • Get advice on assembling your new team of accountants, lawyers, and physicians. 
  • Learn helpful tips about adapting to a new culture and language. It's easier than you think!

Plus These 3 Additional Bonus Lessons!


Bonus Lesson #1       

Part-time Expat... Is It Right For You?

Being an expat doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Why not take the idea on a test drive before you pull the trigger?

Bonus Lesson #2       

Why to Have a Second Passport.

There are some very legitimate reasons to consider it. And we tell you about all of them.

Bonus Lesson #3     

What About the Grandchildren?

Cynthia talks to you straight from her heart about this most emotional topic. What she shares will surprise and delight you.

Plus ~ Free Copies of All 3 of Our Best-selling Books!

Our trilogy, Mission: Rescue Your Retirement, hit #1 in 10 different categories on Amazon. From retirement planning to self-help to travel to comedy! You’ll laugh out loud reading the crazy tales of our own expat adventures.

Yes! I’m Ready to Rescue My Retirement NOW!!







Cheaper housing. Cheaper travel. Cheaper health care. Cheaper luxuries.

Get the 411 from Edd and Cynthia Staton, expats extraordinaire.”

~ Jill Cornfield, Deputy Editor, Money


If you want...

~ to retire sooner rather than later with the money you have.
~ to eliminate financial stress.
~ to lower your cost of living without sacrificing lifestyle.
~ a clear, easy to follow, step-by-step guide that takes you from clueless to confident.
~ the retirement life of your dreams. The retirement you deserve!


Here’s a quick recap of everything included in your Master Course, Retirement Reimagined!

  • Lifetime access to 5 Sections & 18 Modules carefully constructed to systematically build your base of knowledge and take you one step at a time to your expat destination.
  • Over 30 Lessons leading you down a clear, logical path that’s fun and easy to follow. 
  • Your own personal Guidebook filled with helpful worksheets and reference materials.
  • 3 Bonus Lessons with enriching information about being a part-time expat, second passports, and those precious grandchildren. 
  • Exclusive Members-only Support throughout your journey.
  • Plus Free Copies of All 3 of Our Best-selling Books!

“We wanted something adventurous and very different for our retirement, and realized we had little chance of affording it full-time in Canada.

We were grateful to have Edd and Cynthia’s help. This couple is passionately committed to sharing their ideas and wisdom.”

~  Susan Birkenshaw & Michael Keith, Part-time Expats, Mexico

A Personal Message from Edd and Cynthia ~

We were in a desperate situation and discovered a way out. Now as we see millions of Baby Boomers struggling with their financial future, it’s become Our Mission to help as many of you as we can to rescue your retirement.

Was moving overseas part of our retirement plan? No, it wasn't. Perhaps like you, we’d never even considered it. But facing the bitter truth that our financial ship was hopelessly sinking, we took a chance on the only option that had a chance of success.

What about you? We truly hope your circumstances aren’t as dire as ours were. But if you’re concerned that your retirement is in jeopardy, there’s no sense continuing to be in denial about your future because math doesn’t lie.

If you don’t have enough money saved and continue on your present path, you’ll eventually come face-to-face with one of these three scenarios:

   1) Keep working forever
   2) End up depending on your family for financial support
   3) Live your final years in poverty


If you’re fearful that you’ll outlive your savings, how are you ever going to relax and enjoy the retirement you’ve worked so hard for?

Chances are you’ll either keep working to be sure you have “enough,” or your insecurity about the future won’t allow you true joy and freedom.

In either case, it’s time to recognize that hope without action is merely wishful thinking. Nothing is going to rescue your retirement except you. Not the government—your boss—even a miracle.

Are you searching for solutions and don’t know what to do? Maybe you’ve found this message for a reason. Maybe Retirement Reimagined! is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Should you decide to join us, it will be our honor to serve as your guides on a fantastic adventure.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!

Live the life you’ve imagined.”

~ Henry David Thoreau

This quote has guided our journey for many years. Let these powerful words inspire you to take decisive action. Right Now!

We respect and appreciate your desire to create a better future for yourself. And refusing to settle for an unacceptable retirement. Now you know it’s possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to Retirement Reimagined! and hope our paths will cross someday in this big expat world.

Yes! I’m Ready to Rescue My Retirement NOW!!



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Get Unlimited Access... Join Us NOW


If you're... 

  • Curious about retiring abroad
  • Dreaming of becoming a part-time expat
  • Considering the digital nomad lifestyle

Our Retirement Reimagined! Intro Package is the essential guide to get you started in the right direction!

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