How to Have the Dream Retirement You Deserve!

Are you worried about how to pay for your retirement?

Or if you’re ever going to be able to retire at all?

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  • What could retire right now? With the money you have?

  • What was a great retirement paid for with Social Security?

  • What if...your health care needs were totally covered?


You can have all this and MORE with Retirement Reimagined!

We’ve helped thousands of people find a lower cost of living in great locations around the globe so they can retire with the money they have.

We want to help you too!

All those retirement concerns you’re facing? We know exactly what that feels like. Maybe even more so...

Our story ~

In 2008 our lives went from the penthouse to the poor house. The Economic Crisis wiped out our careers. Our beautiful home lost two-thirds of its value almost overnight, and our investments were in free fall.

After finding no work and living off of our shrinking savings for months, we had to think of something else. An outside-the-box solution.

Guess what. We did!!

We realized the only way to rescue our retirement was to move someplace with a lower cost of living. Where we could afford to live with the money we have.

Turns out it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We moved overseas in 2010 and have enjoyed a blessed life beyond our wildest dreams. Those financial nightmares are a thing of the past.

Edd and Cynthia are nationally known experts on retiring abroad. They've been featured in:

Here’s what we know for sure ~

Moving abroad is the best ...maybe the only... option for Baby Boomers with insufficient savings who want a happy, fun, and fulfilling retirement.

It might be a great option for you too! But you could be thinking,

“Move overseas? I don’t know if I could do that.”

You know what, maybe you couldn’t. Becoming an expat isn’t for everybody. But before you dismiss the idea, think about this:

Reality check...

The harsh reality is, if you’re 50 or more and don’t already have a sizable nest egg and solid retirement strategy in place, it’s pretty much too late for you to turn things around. Speaking plainly, you just don’t have enough time.

Gotta ask...

  • Do you have a solid plan to keep from working forever?

  • Even if you wanted to do that, how’s your health?

  • Are you looking for answers, but coming up empty-handed?

Do you truly want a happy, relaxed, and fulfilling retirement?

If you don’t know how you’re going to make it happen,

maybe it’s finally time to make a different choice.

Time to do something now!

Retirement Reimagined! Is Your Solution

Is relocating to another country radical? You bet. Scary? Absolutely. Uprooting your whole life? Leaving your family and friends?

Look, we get it. We did it!

And we’re not going to sugarcoat the’s not easy. There’s a lot to know and a lot of moving parts.

That’s exactly why we created our Master Course,

Retirement Reimagined! take away all the guesswork and confusion. To lead you step-by-step from clueless to confident. To guide you to the retirement you’ve worked hard for and richly deserve!

  • An upscale lifestyle on a Social Security budget

  • Perfect weather

  • Excellent, affordable health care

  • Eating out whenever you like

  • A sense of community and vibrant social life

  • Unexpected luxuries like a housekeeper, spa treatments, and so much more


All for less than the cost of an inexpensive weekend getaway!

Yes! I’m Ready to Rescue My Retirement NOW!!







"As a single female I had a lot of concerns about moving overseas. I've now been an expat for over 7 years and love it! Thanks, Edd & Cynthia, for all your help."

~ Ashley Rogers, Ecuador At Your Service

Retirement Reimagined! has 5 Sections, 18 comprehensive Modules, and over 30 fun and easy-to-follow, self-paced Lessons.

Plus your personal Retirement Reimagined! Guidebook.

Here is what’s included...

Section 1 ~ What in the World Do You Want?

In this Section you will:

  • Complete psychological, emotional, and physical profiles.
  • Match your natural tendencies and health requirements with the best locations to fit your needs.
  • Create your personal Wish List of what you want in your ideal home--everything that would make this place a dream come true.
  • Determine your Deal Breakers--unique factors and characteristics that automatically disqualify a location no matter what.

Take a personal tour of our luxury penthouse apartment, and review the details of our monthly budget. (Spoiler alert... It’s less than $2000!)

Section 2 ~ Where in the World Are You Going?

In this Section you will:

  • Find the country and location within the country that’s perfect for you.
  • Explore 10 fantastic countries around the globe: 2 in Europe, 2 in the Far East, 5 in Latin America. Plus Mexico, home to more expats than any other country in the world.
  • Learn everything for each spotlighted country from the currency used to the ease of getting a residency visa. Average flight times and costs for travel to four different U.S. cities.
  • Research in-depth analysis on the quality of life, climate, health care, real estate, residency and visa information, and top places of live.
  • Discover everything you need all in one place to make a solid decision!

Section 3 ~ Your Perfect Scouting Trip!

In this Section you will:

  • Learn everything you need to do before you ever get on the plane (Spoiler alert #2... It’s a lot!).
  • Discover great tips about booking flights and accommodations that can save you hundreds of dollars on your travel!
  • Put “boots on the ground” and learn the best ways to explore this place that may become your new home abroad!
  • Gather all the intel you need to make an informed decision.
  • Socialize with expats you’ve met online before arrival.
  • Make lifelong memories on exciting day trips and excursions!

Section 4 ~ Now Let’s Get You Ready to Go!

In this Section you will:

  • Tie up all the loose ends before you depart on your overseas adventure.
  • Decide whether to ship your belongings or arrive with suitcases.
  • Get your financial world online.
  • Gather documents for your residency visa.
  • Update your will and end-of-life desires.
  • Make arrangements to bring your pet along.
  • Renew your driver’s license. Renew your passport. The list goes on and on. We’ve got everything covered for you!

Section 5 ~ Beginning Your Expat Adventure!

In this Section you will:

  • Find the perfect place to live.
  • Set up a bank account.
  • Discover you don’t have to be fluent in a foreign language.
  • Get advice on assembling your new team of accountants, lawyers, and physicians.
  • Learn how to quickly make new friends!

Plus These 3 Additional Bonus Lessons!

Bonus Lesson #1       

Part-time Expat... Is It Right For You?

Being an expat doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Why not take the idea on a test drive before you pull the trigger?

Bonus Lesson #2       

Why to Have a Second Passport.

There are some very legitimate reasons to consider it. And we tell you about all of them.

Bonus Lesson #3       

What About the Grandchildren?

Cynthia talks to you straight from her heart about this most emotional topic. What she shares will surprise and delight you.

Plus Free Copies of

All 3 of Our Best-selling Books!

Our trilogy, Mission: Rescue Your Retirement, hit #1 in 10 different categories on Amazon. From retirement planning to self-help to travel to comedy. You’ll laugh out loud reading the crazy tales of our own expat adventures.

Yes! I’m Ready to Rescue My Retirement NOW!!







Cheaper housing. Cheaper travel. Cheaper health care. Cheaper luxuries.

Get the 411 from Edd and Cynthia Staton, expats extraordinaire.”

~ Jill Cornfield, CNBC Financial Writer


  • You want to retire sooner rather than later with the money you have.

  • You want to eliminate financial stress.

  • You want to lower your cost of living without sacrificing lifestyle.

  • You want a clear, easy to follow, step-by-step guide that takes you from clueless to confident.

  • You want the retirement life of your dreams. The retirement you deserve!


Here’s a quick recap of everything included in your Master Course, Retirement Reimagined!


  • Lifetime access to 5 Sections & 18 Modules carefully constructed to systematically build your base of knowledge and take you one step at a time to your expat destination.

  • Over 30 Lessons leading you down a clear, logical path that’s fun and easy to follow.

  • Your own personal Guidebook filled with helpful worksheets and reference materials.

  • 3 Bonus Lessons with enriching information about being a part-time expat, second passports...and those precious grandchildren.

  • Plus Free Copies of All 3 of Our Best-selling Books!!


“We wanted something adventurous and very different for our retirement, and realized we had little chance of affording it full-time in Canada.

We were grateful to have Edd and Cynthia’s help. This couple is passionately committed to sharing their ideas and wisdom.”

~  Susan Birkenshaw & Michael Keith, Part-time Mexico Expats

A Final Message from Edd and Cynthia…

We were in a desperate situation and discovered a way out. Now as we see millions of Baby Boomers struggle with their financial future, it’s become Our Mission to help as many of you as we can to rescue your retirement.

If you’re at the end of your rope and don’t know what to do, maybe you’ve found this message for a reason. Maybe Retirement Reimagined! is the answer you’ve been looking for.

If so, it will be our honor to serve as your guides on a fantastic adventure.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!

Live the life you’ve imagined.”

~ Henry David Thoreau

This quote has guided our journey for many years. Let these powerful words inspire you to take charge of your life... Right Now!

We respect and appreciate your desire to create a better future for yourself. And refusing to settle for an unacceptable retirement. Now, you know it’s possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to Retirement Reimagined!, and hope our paths will cross someday in this big expat world!

Yes! I’m Ready to Rescue My Retirement NOW!!







"Edd and Cynthia, you're an inspiration to so many who want to leave home and move overseas. We've lived in the mountains of South America and now on the beaches of Europe. What a way to retire, right? Thanks for everything!"

~ Bill and Amy Keane, Portugal Expats


That’s a big concern for many people, and you can relax. Honestly, you don’t have to be fluent. Functional is good enough, which means being able to exchange greetings and make your needs known. I want… I have… I need… things like that. You can learn the basics.

Millions of expats already live overseas. There are great countries with established expat communities where many locals speak at least some English. Heck, in Belize English is the primary language!

So bottom line, you can live abroad in lots of places and speak only English if that’s what you want.

Here’s the truth. If you live close to your family, and especially if grandchildren are your purpose in life, moving abroad may not work for you. But if you retire to Mexico or Latin America you’re an inexpensive flight away that takes only a few hours.

And because you’re south of the U.S. it’s easy to stay in touch with your loved ones for free with Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp. No major time zone issues like if you were in Europe or the Far East.

Let’s put the answer in perspective. Did you know in a recent safety study of 160 countries that the U.S. ranked a pathetic #57? Behind countries like Botswana, Mongolia, Cuba, and Vietnam?

So yes, there are plenty of perfectly safe places to live in this world.

Rest assured that our sense of responsibility towards you means any place we share has an expat population enjoying their lives immensely and not living in fear.

Health care is a major concern for most older Americans. Here's the great news... You'll discover world-class health care in many countries that’s so affordable you can’t believe it!

Modern hospitals and clinics. State-of-the-art equipment. English-speaking doctors.

With costs for services, procedures, and medications as low as 1/10th what you're now paying.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, when you first move to a foreign country you’re not automatically a citizen. Heck, you’re not even a resident.

When you get off the plane, you’re basically a tourist. There’s an official process of applying for residency. And if you later decide to become a citizen, the United States is fine with you having two passports.

You can love the U.S. but not afford to retire there! Think about this. Our forefathers made a dangerous journey for the chance to create a better life for themselves and their families. In a new world!

What we did, what millions of other Americans have done, and what we’re suggesting you consider, is really no different is it? Turns out the idea of moving overseas for a better life is as old as our country itself!

Great question. Even though the investment for Retirement Reimagined! is less than for an inexpensive last-minute weekend getaway, making a major life change like this isn’t simply a matter of throwing some clothes in a bag and taking off. You need to give yourself plenty of time to do moving abroad right.

From the time you begin our Master Course to when you actually move abroad can sometimes take a few years depending on your situation. Say you have an aging parent. A house or business to sell. Or maybe you’re not quite ready to retire.

Even if you want to move overseas as soon as possible it’s still going to take awhile to put all the pieces together. That’s why we give you full lifetime access to Retirement Reimagined! And it’s designed for you to go at your own pace.

So if moving abroad makes sense for you, the best time to get started is right now!

Moving overseas today is certainly nothing like the pioneer days...getting in a covered wagon and moving out to the wild west. According to the U.S. State Department, over 8.7 million Americans now live overseas. Many of them retired.

That’s more than the population of New York City. More than the populations of LA, Chicago, and Phoenix combined!

With that many people already doing it, you’re probably wondering why you don’t hear much about this idea of moving abroad. Well, it’s because the mainstream media doesn’t really talk about it.

There are established expat communities in fantastic locations all over the world. And in Retirement Reimagined! we tell you about the best of the best! Don’t worry, you’ll be fine!

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