Curious about Living Abroad?

Get an inside look at expat life in our trilogy of books, Mission: Rescue Your Retirement.

Adapted from Edd’s award-winning blog, all three volumes of Mission: Rescue Your Retirement were ambitiously released over a 3-month period.

Each was an instant Amazon best-seller, and collectively they hit #1 in 10 categories as diverse as personal finance, retirement planning, self-help, travel, and comedy!

Financially devastated by the Economic Tsunami of 2008, we desperately relocate to a city we have never heard of in a country we know next to nothing about.

Against all odds, this catastrophic event that could have destroyed us instead opens the door to create a life beyond our wildest expectations.

Come along on our overseas journey from clueless to confident & laugh out loud at our hilarious adventures along the way!

Volume I

Leap of Faith


This compact first volume sets the stage for how this unforeseen and unforgettable new chapter of our lives begins, often hilariously capturing the madness that leads up to our departure for Ecuador.

Join us on our Mission: Rescue Your Retirement!

Price:  Only $.99

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Volume II

Letting Go


Volume II recounts our first two years abroad as we stumble, bumble, and intensely party our way through the transition to expat life. What a crazy time! You’ll love reading about it.

Join us as we continue our Mission: Rescue Your Retirement!

Price:  Only $4.99

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Volume III

Living the Dream


In Volume III we gradually get our bearings and settle down (not a minute too soon!) into a richly textured world of health and happiness that has exceeded every expectation.

Join us as we complete our Mission: Rescue Your Retirement!

Price:  Only $4.99

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"These books are a must read for anyone contemplating a move overseas or planning to retire to a foreign country. Edd and Cynthia's hilarious adventures will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. "

Connie Pombo
Contributing author to over 50 Chicken Soup books

"If you have ever wondered what in the world would possess someone to leave their home country and relocate to a foreign land, you will love this trilogy from Edd and Cynthia Staton. You'll giggle and shake your head when you read about how they rescued their retirement."

Lynne Klippel
Best-selling author of Overcomes, Inc.

"Whether you're just now looking at retirement options, a wannabe expat, or already living abroad, you owe it to yourself to read these books. The moral of Edd and Cynthia's story is simply to follow your dreams. "

J. Michael Herron
Author of six books including his latest, Healing Haley

"I just finished reading “Leap of Faith” and laughed so hard I had to stop and take a break! Edd and Cynthia have scored a bull’s-eye with their uplifting and enjoyable tales. A very important read for those considering a move abroad. "

Lawrence Hamilton
Author of A Man Called Abel: The Search for Sol

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