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Expat Life: Leap of Faith

Edd:  On the plane from Cuenca to Quito it dawned on me that with our new travel adventure we’re once again going through the same stages as the titles of our trilogy of books.

Cynthia:  H-m-m-m. Well, I certainly agree that abandoning what many people would consider an ideal life to roam the planet with no agenda is a "Leap of Faith!"

E:  But to be fair the circumstances now are completely different from 11 years ago. Initially we moved abroad because we had to. We metaphorically hurled ourselves off a cliff and hoped the parachute opened.

C:  That’s a little dramatic but I get your point. This time we’re making a proactive decision to do something very different because we want to.

E:  And if everything goes sideways, we can always return to our residence in Cuenca. Still, I don’t want to minimize the fact that choosing to basically live out of carry-on luggage for months at a time in unfamiliar places is a pretty edgy choice.

C:  Like we say about living abroad in general--it’s not for everybody. But you know what? I bet a lot of people who could never summon the courage to do it themselves are excited to vicariously “come along for the ride.”

E:  I hope so. And if they don’t become global nomads, or even travel overseas, maybe our example of possibility thinking will inspire others to do something--anything--outside their comfort zone.

C:  Gosh, me too. Over the years we’ve established ourselves as “expat experts.” With this change in lifestyle we’re about to embark on, I'm seeing our mission having a bigger purpose than rescuing and reimagining retirement. What we’re really doing is encouraging people of all ages to follow their dreams whatever they may be.

E:  And to not hold themselves back because of self-imposed limitations. You know, so many doors have opened for us over the years because of a simple shift in thinking. When we moved to Cuenca, we quit asking, “Why?” and started saying, “Why not?!”

C:  That’s so true. When unabashedly saying “Yes” became our default response, everything changed. Suddenly remarkable experiences, favorable circumstances, and the right people “magically” began showing up in our lives.

E:  And have continued to do so to this day. By embracing life instead of keeping it at arm’s length, we’re open to receiving support from the universe. “Analysis paralysis” is a black hole that can trap you forever. Needing more information. Not being sure.

C:  It’s all about fear of the unknown. When the truth is you can never know everything. At some point you have to take a “leap of faith,” or stay stuck indefinitely.

E:  Well, this little chat certainly took on a life of its own. Let’s circle back soon and reflect on how we’re "Letting Go," the title of our second book.

C:  I love that you’ve often said, “The least baggage makes for the easiest journey.” It will be fun to discuss that in the context of our own upcoming adventure!


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