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Hi, we’re Edd and Cynthia Staton, authors of three best-selling books and creators of Retirement Reimagined!, our revolutionary Master Course.

So glad you dropped by for a visit!

Over the years we’ve helped thousands of people retire sooner rather than later. With the money they have. Now we want to help you!

Even before COVID-19 there was a lot being written about Baby Boomers and retirement, and the news was dismal.

  • 4 out of 5 Americans have less than one year’s salary saved

  • The majority have nothing saved. Zero... Zilch... Nada.

Many people were laid off during the pandemic and may never find work anywhere near their previous wages. It's a crushing blow to millions of Americans close to retirement.

You entered the workforce in your early 20s. Maybe even in your teens. Back then did you declare,

“My plan is to work as long as I possibly can!

I want to work until I’m too old, too tired, and maybe too sick to enjoy the few years I have left!”

Of course you didn’t. Nobody did! You expected to work hard for 40 to 45 years, then be able to relax and enjoy the comfortable retirement you deserve.

So gotta ask...

What are you going to do about your retirement?

Do you have a solid plan that will keep you from working forever?


If you don’t, let’s be honest, you’re just out of time.

Financial experts have been saying for years you’re gonna need a million dollars, or more, for even a modest retirement.

Now some have raised the bar to $3,000,000!!

Do you have anything close to that much saved?

Didn’t think so...

The plain and simple truth is, if you don’t want to work the rest of your life you’ve gotta think outside the box.

We want to tell you about a different retirement option.

  • What if you could retire right now? With the money you have?

  • What if it was a great retirement paid for with Social Security benefits?

  • What if your health care needs were totally covered?


Finally, some Good News!!

Is that something you’d be interested in? The good news is all of that, and more, is possible for you. In fact, it’s totally doable. How do we know?

Because we’ve done it...

In 2008 our backs were against the wall and we were desperate. The Great Recession had destroyed both our careers, and we’d been living off of our dwindling savings for months. Something had to give.

We realized the only way to rescue our retirement was to move someplace with a lower cost of living. Where we could afford to live with the money we had!

Our outside-the-box solution?

Move Overseas!

Turns out it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

We moved abroad to Cuenca, Ecuador in 2010, and have enjoyed a blessed life beyond our wildest dreams.

Those financial nightmares are a thing of the past!

For over 10 years we lived in a spacious 2-story, penthouse apartment in one of the city's best neighborhoods. Our lifestyle included a housekeeper; yoga studio and gym memberships; spa treatments; fresh flowers; eating out whenever we wanted. All on a budget of less than $2000 a month!

Now, we’re busy roaming the globe visiting countries featured in Retirement Reimagined! and exploring exciting new destinations to share with you!

Moving overseas saved us. And it’s Our Mission to help as many of you as we can to rescue your retirement.

Because we know moving abroad is the best option for Baby Boomers with limited savings who refuse to give up on the comfortable retirement they worked hard for and deserve.

Our experience has taught us there is nothing else in this world you can possibly do that provides the relaxation, happiness, and financial freedom that we enjoy every single day. Not even close.

What about you? Are you ready to take charge of your life? It’s time to recognize that hope without action is merely wishful thinking. Nothing is going to rescue your retirement except you. Not the government--your boss--even a miracle.

If you’re at the end of your rope and don’t know what to do, just maybe you’ve joined us for a reason. Maybe Retirement Reimagined! is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Moving overseas could be a great option for you too!

To learn more get our EXCLUSIVE REPORT: "10 Great Reasons to Live Abroad!"


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